NEIL PRYDE X RYDE 6.2 [2019]


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X RYDE 2019 – Freeride

Based on the 2018 Ryde design, the X:Ryde has been designed to offer great low-end power and stability for early planing and controlled maneuvers. From initial stages of planing to mastering jibes and water-starts, this sail feels light in your hands and easy to maneuver. Ideal for hours of flat-water blasting, so comfortable that you will be able to stay on the water for longer without getting tired. Easy to rig and trim, the X:Ryde delivers immediate pleasure with no constraints while retaining the signature NeilPryde “performance” feeling.


  • One mast and boom fit all sizes from 5.7 up to 7.7. (430 Mast / 160 Boom)
  • Moderate luff curve creating good lift while maintaining a stable profile when overpowered.
  • Medium foot cut for optimum balance between easy maneuvers and performance.
  • Dynamic compact clew: Helping the twist to be progressive for optimum draft control and stability.
  • RDM recommended from 5.7 up to 7.7 sizes.


The X:Ryde is built using classic industry standard sail construction, leaving out some of the premium features of our CORE:Series of sails, but with the full heritage of Neilpryde’s design knowledge going into the shapes. This allows us not to compromise on performance but to bring a more accessible sail to the market.We put a lot of effort into the development of this new sail and the entire X:Series, that’s why we are convinced that they will work perfectly for years to come.The X:Ryde offers great profile stability and maneuverability. You will never feel overpowered and will be amazed by its wind range. The six battens combined with the Dynamic Compact Clew make it fast and controllable in a straight line and provide a truly fun freeriding experience. Suitable for freeride, freerace and pure foil boards.

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