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iSonic is classic slalom board from Starboard. It have been designed for performance high speed racing and earliest planning possible. Ensures outstanding acceleration and control in every conditions. It have been split on three groups- speed slalom (70, 75, 80 and 90 liters), slalom (97 and 107 liters) and race slalom (117, 127 and 137 liters). iSonic boards are extremely lightweight, stiff and stable. Features new tail design which increases control and speed during and after jibes. Made in carbon technology which makes them very stiff and light, 100g lighter than previous models. Recommended for advanced riders who are directed for racing, slalom, highest speed and performance. This board is used by professionals who race in PWA competition. Thanks to wide range of sizes everybody can choose the size for his preferences.


  • Added Volume in tail
    The added volume gained from reducing the depth of the cut-aways also helps with control and in particular, lateral stability in tough, windy conditions. This new round tail design and cut-aways can be seen on all of the 2017 iSonic Slaloms and has been adapted for the Speed Slalom and Race Slalom series.
  • Round Tail Design
    The new iSonics have improved jibing performance with new round tail designs. By adding some volume above the cut-aways and reducing the depth of the secondary step from 20 mm to 10 mm, you have some added float and power for faster and more forgiving jibe exits without affecting straight line performance.
  • Low Nose Concept
    The iSonics keep their low-nose concept for reduced drag and added control.The profiles remain thin for wind range and the deck concaves provide control, a more vertical sail position while closing the gap between the sail and the deck of the board.
  • Reflex Carbon Core
    Carbon Reflex is the exclusive, super-premium option for a board that is even lighter on the scale. By combining Starboard’s UltraCore with a full super-light biaxial Carbon, the boards become even lighter, flex more and with a quicker reflex response. The board feels active and responsive.
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