JP VISION complete rig 3.5 [2017]


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The VISION rig remains unchanged this year and is performance oriented and durable. The moderately loose leech allows the sail to perform also when the wind picks up a bit. One set contains a sail, a boom with uphaul, a fitting two-piece mast and mast foot and this whole rig comes in a neat bag for easy storage and transport.

Both rigs, the VISION and the VISION-X, feature a full-Dacron® sail with PVC window which is light, strong, UV resistant and very durable for everyday use.
The use of the Vision rigs last year in windsurfing centers all over the world was definitely the toughest test!

The soft sail material provides great feedback for beginners and is very forgiving at the same time.

Sail, 2-piece mast, boom with outhaul rope, quick release mast foot with down haul rope, uphaul and equipmentbag containing all these items (no mast base!).

The equipment “RIG BAGs”