HANA 5’3 Premium inflatable wingfoil board | 110L (USED)


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This board is incredibly compact, light and stiff. Its specifications are clear: to obtain the same performance in navigation as a classic rigid board. And the result is amazing!
Its fused double-layer FUSION-STITCH construction offers increased rigidity and unfailing reliability. The foil plate is made of carbon for optimal sensations and offers an integrated carrying handle. It covers the width of the rider’s feet for an ultra rigid feeling. The tail is equipped with a silicone surf rail for optimal glide during navigation phases. Finally, strap inserts are integrated for perfect control!
This HANA 5.3 Premium inflatable wingfoil board is a high-performance and versatile board for all levels, it is intended for small builds in progress or already experienced practitioners.
Dimensions: 5’3 x 27 1/2″ x 5″ x 110L / 160cm x 70.3cm x 12cm x 110L


Only 1 left in stock

HANA 5’3 Premium Inflatable Wing Foil Board

The HANA 5’3 wingfoil board is delivered with its carrying bag, 4 blind squares with screws for fixing the foil without damaging the board, a user manual and a repair kit.

The word from the shaper of the HANA 5’3 inflatable wingfoil board

We have designed the brand new HANA 5.3 inflatable board for wingfoiling. This board is perfectly adapted to the greatest number: from the pro rider who wants to travel without the hassle and to the beginner who does not want to hurt himself with a rigid board. The 5’3 is a board more intended for intermediate or advanced to pro level practitioners due to its size (5’3 x 27 1/2″ x 5″ / 160cm x 70.3cm x 12cm) and its volume of 110L .

The board has a fusion double skin construction technology, combined with a carbon frame to ensure the stiffest foil / board connection with the added bonus of an integrated handle: this super high-end frame is surrounded by two layers of PVC additional to the rail of the board and a silicone surf edge at the tail (back of the board). This surf edge also has the role of better water flow and faster flight. The 5’3 also has foot strap inserts (classic at the back, Vstraps at the front).

For initiation to wingfoiling, we recommend the Wingfoil HANA 60 board.
For wingfoiling with your feet held in place, we recommend the HANA footstraps: Premium Single for the back foot , and V Strap for the front foot .

HANA Premium wingfoil range 2022

The HANA Premium range of inflatable wing boards is already one of the best sellers in Europe for one simple reason: they are state of the art boards.

The HANA Premium inflatable wingfoil boards feature the thermo-bonded double-layer FUSION-STITCH construction which combines rigidity and solidity. Our R&D team has developed a carbon plate to fix the foil, the integration of which is pushed to its maximum with a double PVC belt + a silicone surfing edge. In 2022, we optimized the details and created an ultra-trendy design. A superb high tech inflatable board at a super affordable price!

Four sizes and shapes of well-designed and easy boards that allow everyone to discover the joys of skiing. From the beginnings to the first flights through sporting rides embellished with tricks and frenzied surfing, there will necessarily be a HANA wingfoil board for you. A 6.0 for discovering practice and schools, a comfortable 5.6 for beginners and for hassle-free use, a super easy 5.3 for engaging in beautiful surfing and committed tricks, and a 5.0 to help you push your limits : it’s up to you to choose which one will be yours.

Construction & materials of the HANA Waikiki Premium range

The HANA Premium inflatable wingfoil range has the most advanced construction on WING FOIL boards. The most high-end PVC on the market is associated with the very high density heat-bonded double-layer FUSION-STITCH drop stitch (heart of the board made up of thousands of clusters of nylon threads), in order to offer perfect rigidity and more durability. The rails are in double layer pvc.
The board is equipped with a large carbon plate to ensure optimal bonding of the foil to the board with excellent rigidity. A carrying handle is integrated into the plate.
The addition of a “surf edge” silicone rear rail ensures excellent glide during non-flying phases, offering straight rails. Water flows better and planning is faster.
The weight is one of the lightest on the market: carrying your board is no longer a chore.
While being rigid, the inflatable board resists small daily shocks and limits the risk of injury if you hit your board. Thus the practice is safe and comfortable, and the glide is optimal for a good speed of movement.

The requirement of HANA accessory design

The accessories are carefully designed and designed to provide performance and longevity. Where many brands neglect them to lower costs, HANA does not compromise.

We made the choice like others to develop a carbon plate for attaching the foil to the wingfoil board. But where many stop, we have designed this frame so that it is completely integrated into a belt made up of two additional layers of PVC (4 layers in total under the feet) and a silicone surf edge: we offer the best possible foil support and the feeling of sailing with a rigid board.

The board has a carrying handle at the level of the carbon frame to facilitate handling when traveling on land.

Front and rear footstrap inserts, if you prefer sailing with your feet held to the board: classic foot strap at the rear , V-straps at the front for more control.

The deckpad (non-slip foam) is made of 4 mm EVA with a diamond pattern for high grip and comfort.

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