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The 2011 Best kiteboard line is truly impressive. Their team has spent a lot of effort to make sure that every single model performs outstanding and meets the highest quality standards. The 2011 Profanity is a unique board which is intended to take wakestyle to a whole new dimension. A new technology and the highest quality fabrics make the board an excellent companion out on the waves. It has an awesome pop, it is fast, extra durable and has top control.If you take the Profanity out for a spin you will love the way it performs and never want to part from it again.

• Vertical Sandwich core
• PVC Core wrapping
• Improved flex tips
• Compatible Binding inserts
• A4 stainless inserts
• Improved light wind performance

When you think at Best Kiteboarding you think at super quality gear. And indeed, Best is one of the manufacturers that make no compromise when it releases any piece of equipment on the market. The 2011 Profanity went through an extensive process of testing and research and development, and we can say it is a superb wakestyle board. At the same time the board can easily be used by the riders who love freeride.

The board features a hydrodynamic shape and a refined outline, so it sprints very fast through the waves and has a smooth glide. The board has extra upwind and early planning potential and offers plenty of power for the rider who loves high speed and extreme moves. The new ABS beveled rails increase the steering response and make the board very stable. The rider can turn fast, experience high jumps or perform any maneuver easy and without effort, due to the direct and accurate control. The stability and grip are enhanced by the use of twin channels in the tip area. The single to double concave bottom design assures optimal power release and also improves the stability. The great thing about the Best Profanity is that it can be powered up and offers a fast ride when the wind barely blows, and remains stable and performs excellent if the wind picks up. It is intended to offer top wakestyle performance and it does, regardless of the wave or wind conditions.

The board is constructed on a new and sophisticated technology. It uses a vertical sandwich polymer and wood core featuring Paulownia wood and PVC foam. This structure significantly increases the flex response and makes the board stiffer. This structure is complemented by biax and uni-directional fabric which provide torsion strength. The tips are enhanced with a progressive flex which makes the board absorb any shock and assure soft landings.  This unique technology on which the board is based optimizes the strength to weight ratio, and makes the Profanity very durable and light at the same time.